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Burger King is launching a special Stranger Things “Stranger combo” menu!

Burger King has great news for its customers. The fast food has just created a special menu for the release of Stranger Things volume 2.

There’s something new at Burger King. And it’s nothing to say. The fast food giant just created a menu for the release of Stranger Things season 4. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Burger King stands out as the king of communication

It’s no secret that everyone knows that Burger King the king when it comes to communication. And for good reason, the fast-food chain connects the blows of com which make the buzz. And yes, his teams are not short of ideas.

One sure thing, Burger King does not count towards the expense. On the occasion of the big Lotto on Friday the 13th, the chain has decided to put the small dishes in the big ones.

Thus, the king of the burger wanted to console all those who have lost draw with a free Whopper. You have to believe that the fast-food giant is more than generous.

That said, Burger King decided not to stop there. This is why, during the presidential elections, the fast food offered its customers, eight of his 3-euro burgers. What to attract more than one in the points of restorations.

But this time, Burger King has decided to take it a step further. And that’s nothing to say, in Brazil the brand launched a special menu Stranger Things “Stranger Combo”. MCE TV tells you more!

A special Stranger Things menu

This is not the first time that Burger King puts the package for his communication. To attract even more customers, the brand is even ready to call on stars.

Last May, the fas-food chain made a campaign with Jonathan Cohen. The goal is to promote their FlexiWhopper.

But, this time, Burger King really saw things big. And it’s nothing to say, customers left speechless.

In Sao Polo, two restaurants have obtained special decoration for the release of Stranger Things season 4. Everything is done so that customers immerse themselves in the universe of the series Netflix.

Thus, the first Burger King concerned makes reference to Eleven’s room and the Hellfire Club. The other, too, was entitled to its own decor.

The latter has therefore transformed its service drive into a portal to the inverted world. Something to make fans of Stranger Things.

Above all, Burger King has once again thought of everything. And for good reason, the American giant has even created a special menu, the “Stranger combo”.

The latter then consists of a sandwich with fries, drink and a dessert for those who wish. As for the price, it is more than correct.

And for good reason, the price of the menu varies between 7.50 euros and 6.47 euros depending on who takes the dessert or not. Just that !

One thing is for sure, Burger King is doing it again full box with its campaign special Stranger Things. Leaving all its competitors far behind.



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