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Calvados: a kitesurfer dies after being thrown against a restaurant window

A kitesurfer died after being thrown against the window of a restaurant during a sudden gust of wind, around 8:30 p.m. Saturday, we learned from the prefecture.

Saturday evening, a kitesurfer died after being swept away by a strong gust of wind and thrown onto the facade of a restaurant in Villers-sur-Mer, in Calvados.

Aged 31, the sportsman, originally from the Paris region but having a second home in this Normandy town, died instantly, the same source said.

This powerful gust of wind, which “lasted 20 to 25 minutes” on the “Côte Fleurie” between Ouistreham and Deauville, also caused “three minor injuries”.

An unexpected meteorological phenomenon

This phenomenon, not announced by Météo-France, occurred while many people were still on the coast to enjoy the summer weather. Chairs and tables on the terraces or in the gardens were suddenly moved or thrown as the sand rose, causing concern among walkers.

In Deauville, where a triathlon was taking place for which the athletes’ village had been erected just behind the beach, the phenomenon also caused panic.

Searches, with an SNSM star and a helicopter, were unsuccessful until 11 p.m. after a person was reported missing at sea. But at the end of the evening, according to the police cited by the prefecture, “it was no longer very sure” that there was indeed a missing person, this report being possibly attributable to the amazement and fright caused by this gust of wind.



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