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Calvados. Kitesurfer dies thrown against restaurant window during sudden storm

A powerful and unexpected gust of wind on the “flowery coast”, between Ouistreham and Deauville, on Saturday evening, caused the death of a kitesurfer.

The 31-year-old man from the Paris region was thrown against the window of a restaurant in Villers-sur-Mer (Calvados) after the formation of a waterspout which caused a violent gust of wind.

This unexpected meteorological phenomenon, which “lasted 20 to 25 minutes”, also caused “three minor injuries”, said the prefecture of Calvados.

The town hall of Villers-sur-Mer evokes for its part “five injured and 38 people taken care of by a psychological cell for having witnessed a particularly violent death”.

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Nothing foreshadowed what happened

“We had a weather alert for the night but there was no indication of what happened. The report shows one dead, a kitesurfer who was lifted by the force of the wind and who violently hit the restaurant La Digue and at least five injured on the terrace of the casino where everything shattered, “explained Thierry Granturco, the mayor of the city to our colleagues from Actu.fr.

A person is also missing at sea in Deauville, according to the prefecture.



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