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Camille Vasquez, lawyer for social media superstar Johnny Depp

He’s the new star of the Depp-Heard trial. Camille Vasquez, Johnny Depp’s lawyer, who led Amber Heard’s cross-examination on Wednesday, has become a heroine on social networks.

Her name is Camille Vasquez, and she was the one who conducted Amber Heard’s cross-examination on Wednesday. This Johnny Depp lawyer has become, on this occasion, a real star on social networks, who have taken up the cause for the actor.

For several hours, Camille Vasquez tried to portray the 36-year-old actress as the instigator of the many arguments with her ex-husband, and often the first to strike.

Pro-Depp Champion

This lawyer Californian, specializing in defamation cases and partner in a large law firm in Los Angeles, is 37 years old. She is part of the team of lawyers hired to defend Johnny Depp in the trial against his ex-wife.

“She has extensive experience in handling reputational issues and crisis communications,” boasts the website of her firm, Brown Rudnick.

If her name has never yet been associated with media trials, Camille Vasquez has earned her stripes here as a “people lawyer”. The tabloid press, like the DailyMail, feeds on clichés that show Johnny Depp giving the hug to the young woman. A reporter for the people news site TMZ even asked her when she left court if she was dating the actor.

“It’s all over the Internet, can you tell the truth?” he asks.

Her calm but dogged questioning, and her many objections to questions from Amber Heard’s lawyer, made her the champion of pro-Depp. Implacable, Camille Vasquez made Amber Heard recognize that she had not yet paid associations the 7 million dollars received in compensation at the end of 2018, as she had promised during the divorce settlement and repeated in the press.

It was enough for the supporters of the actor, very active and virulent on social networks, to set him up as a heroine. One of them represents her as Thor, the Marvel superhero, with this caption:

“Rare image of Camille Vasquez, before his final blow of the day”.

On TikTok, where Johnny Depp fans go wild against Amber Heard, the hashtag Camille Vasquez has more than 737 million views. The lawyer benefits from the actor’s huge fan base, united under the hashtag #JusticeforJohnnyDepp.



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