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Camille Vasquez, the lawyer and formidable media strategist of Johnny Depp

Camille Vasquez discusses with the other members of her team while awaiting the verdict. (Fairfax, June 1, 2022.) AFP Forum

The actor won his defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard on Wednesday June 1. And this, in part thanks to Camille Vasquez, an essential member of his defense team and formidable media expert.

“This confirms what we have been saying from the start,” she said on Wednesday, June 1. Camille Vasquez, one of Johnny Depp’s lawyers, hailed the actor’s victory in the defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard, who was ordered to pay 15 million dollars (14 million euros). euros) for damages. The one who hugged the other members of her team when the verdict was announced said she was “grateful” in an official statement.

Camille Vasquez notably claimed that this court decision proved the “defamatory and unsupported by evidence” aspect of Amber Heard’s column, published in 2018 in the washington post, and in which she described herself as a “victim of domestic violence”. For his part, Johnny Depp – also sentenced to pay 2 million dollars (1.8 million euros) for defamation against the actress – thanked his “assiduous and unwavering” team in an Instagram post. Amber Heard, for her part, declared herself “devastated” by this verdict.

“She is obsessed with her public image”

Since April 11, the day of the opening of the trial, Camille Vasquez has not stopped talking about her, and presents herself as formidable. During the first days of the hearings, the latter had also declared to the jurors that Amber Heard had been the aggressor throughout her relationship with the hero of Pirates of the Caribbean (2003).

The young woman then said that if the actress had presented herself as the victim and had asked for a divorce, it was in particular to avoid humiliation. “She is obsessed with her public image. She has lived and breathed this role for years and she is preparing to give the representation of her life, ”added the lawyer to her argument.

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Legal career

Pantsuit and stiletto heels, brown hair falling on the shoulders, clearly focused on her notes and everything that is said in court, Camille Vasquez has never seemed destabilized by the media attention brought to this trial. In 2006, still a young student, she graduated from the University of Southern California and then continued her studies at Southwestern Law School, from which she graduated in 2010.

She first joined a national firm in Los Angeles, then became a lawyer at Brown Rudnick. Within this team, she focuses in particular on defamation lawsuits, as well as certain contractual disputes, commercial crimes and employment-related complaints. The firm’s website describes her as an expert “capable of formulating offensive and defensive litigation strategies for private clients. She also has extensive experience in reputation management and crisis communication in the context of these disputes.”

After four years with the firm, his efforts finally paid off. Tuesday, June 7, Brown Rudnick announced, through a press release, the promotion of the lawyer to the rank of partner. “We are delighted to welcome Camille to this partnership,” said William Baldiga, CEO of the firm, recalling in particular the performance of the young woman during the defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. “I am proud of the exceptionally talented team that I had the privilege of leading, which demonstrated team spirit and collaboration,” replied Camille Vasquez, who wishes to “continue to represent the culture of excellence of Brown Rudnick”.

media strategist

If Johnny Depp chose her to defend him in this case, it is no coincidence. Brown Rudnick’s site touts her communications and media skills, saying she provides “advice on media strategy during times of high pressure and knows how to craft effective tactics to protect reputations.” A point that cannot be overlooked in the actor’s line of defense, given the popularity of the trial on social networks and the important place taken by public opinion.

The firm adds that Camille Vasquez notably represents individuals “bringing multimillion-dollar defamation claims to justice, following high-profile accusations of criminal behavior”. In 2022, her work was recognized as she won the Ones to Watch: The Best Lawyers in America award. Alongside her colleague Ben Chew, she always seemed determined to make full use of her strategic skills, in the interest of her famous client. Even if it means opposing his silence to the viral rumors which lend him a romance with the actor.




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