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Can you insure an already sick animal?

Are you planning to take out insurance for your already sick dog or cat? It is quite possible to take out pet insurance in this situation, but be aware that most insurance companies will not cover the medical costs associated with this pathology. We explain how to take out insurance for your sick animal.

I choose insurance for my animal

What are the conditions for insuring a sick animal?

Various criteria condition the taking out of insurance for animals. Insurance companies apply their own rules, even though the terms of membership are intended to be the same in most cases. From this observation, we note that several criteria determine membership of insurance as well as its cost:

Your animal’s state of health therefore determines the subscription to mutual insurance. In return, some insurance companies agree to insure a sick animal. In this specific case, the costs associated with this pathology will not be covered.

In addition, the insurance company may apply exclusions from coverage, such as costs related to an accident or illness already incurred. It is therefore important to inform yourself in good time!

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What is insurance for a sick dog or cat?

There are several reasons why pet owners want to take out insurance for their sick pets. Faced with accumulating vet costs and declining health, the question of mutual insurance arises.

Although the health costs associated with the current pathology are not compensated, other health problems may arise. That is why it is worth taking out pet insurance.

Animal insurance has many advantages both financially and preventively:

  • Coverage of costs associated with the care of other pathologies
  • Preventive actions thanks to prevention packages (reimbursement of vaccination costs, sterilization, antiparasitic treatments, etc.)

This allows you to take care of your pet’s health to limit health problems and thus reduce veterinary costs. The insurances generally reimburse up to 2000 euros for the care, which is a valuable help but also all or part of the veterinary expenses according to the formula. You can also find contracts for less than 10 euros per month. The most important thing is to compare to choose the right insurance according to your pet’s illness.

How do warranty exclusions work?

As with any insurance, animal health insurance covers some guarantees and others not. You can choose between different formulas that are more or less covering and protective.

In addition, most insurance companies apply warranty exclusions. They are then included in the contract and do not allow reimbursement of healthcare costs related to the pathologies associated with them. We find, for example:

  • Hereditary and congenital diseases
  • Pathologies that have already been treated previously
  • Care in connection with an accident that occurred before subscription
  • Diseases caused by lack of vaccination

In addition, certain aspects lead to a suspension of the guarantee:

  • Cosmetic surgical treatment
  • Care in connection with animal neglect or abuse
  • The refund limit has been exceeded
  • Costs not included in the insurance contract
  • Care in connection with the implantation of a prosthesis

Please note: When you take out insurance for your animal, you must find out if there may be a waiting period. Period when the insurance company does not cover veterinary expenses. You must therefore pay particular attention to the contract’s guarantees and clauses to find out which veterinary treatment can be reimbursed.



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