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Cancellation and car insurance: everything you need to know about your car insurance contract

We all have the right to change our minds. Sometimes we want to do things quickly to get rid of it, get on with our “TO DO”, sign a car insurance contract without looking too closely at the guarantees offered. And a few days later, a speaker on the radio, a press article or a conversation with a colleague brings us back to our senses. What if the agreed car insurance was not the right one? If it were possible to find a contract that offers better warranties or cheaper car insurance for equivalent coverage? How to go back and withdraw? Is it even possible?

I find a better car insurance by comparing online

What is the right of withdrawal?

Withdrawal is the act of reconsidering a decision that has already been made, often providing a legal cooling-off period after signing a contract. The purpose is to protect consumers, who can therefore benefit from this cooling-off period, a period during which they have the right to go back. It is also possible to change car insurance, but it is not the same procedure.

Withdraw after taking out car insurance online

Back out after taking out car insurance? Yes, but under certain conditions. For purchases made on the Internet, by telephone or remotely, Article L121-20-12 of the Consumer Code specifies that “the consumer has a period of 14 completed calendar days to exercise his right of withdrawal without having to justify or incur fines. “.

If you signed your insurance agreement online or by telephone, and the agreement did not come into effect immediately, you are therefore one of the consumers who have the opportunity to cancel within 14 days.

Withdraw after taking out car insurance in an agency

If the contract is signed in an agency and/or if it enters into force immediately after signing, it is impossible to cancel it. But check the terms and conditions of your contract anyway, looking for a special clause that says you can do that. A good surprise can appear, as if by a miracle.

The only solution otherwise: wait a year to cancel the car contract and replace it with a more suitable contract. Online comparators can be of great help in helping you find out, and this time it’s the right choice.

I am looking for a new insurance contract for my vehicle

Withdraw after taking out an insurance contract online

First element to check: Is the application of the car insurance contract in question immediate? If it is not, you have 14 calendar days to use your right of cancellation on your car insurance contract. The famous article L121-20-12 of the consumer code!

What is the withdrawal procedure?

The procedure to follow is then as follows:

  1. send your insurance company a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt stating the number of the car insurance contract, the date of signing the contract, the date of the request,
  2. do not forget to attach a photocopy of the article in the consumer code. Your file will then be solid.

For the financial part, you must either pay the share corresponding to the period during which your car has been covered by the car insurance agreement; or, in the case of full payment at the time of underwriting, the insurance company will reimburse you the amount due, taking into account the proportion linked to the period during which your car has benefited from the guarantees.

After these deadlines, you must wait to terminate the car insurance agreement.

What is the deadline for canceling a car insurance contract?

If your car insurance came into force immediately after it was taken out, you have no choice: you have to wait until the anniversary to cancel it. No withdrawal possible. A little patience… Unless you find yourself in a situation that allows you to justify a cancellation: a change of situation or an error on the part of the car insurance company.

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