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Canton of St. Gallen: “My cat brought me a parrot at 3am.”


Canton of St. The gall“My cat brought me a parrot at 3am.”

A resident of Diepoldsau (SG) must have noticed in the middle of the night that her cat had caught a strange bird. It was returned to its owner in good condition.

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Here is the parrot in question.

Photo: private

He was caught by this male.

He was caught by this male.

Photo: private

The bird was not injured.

The bird was not injured.

Photo: private

A week ago, a woman was awakened by a strange sound in Diepoldsau in the canton of Saint-Gall. When the 42-year-old from Switzerland was finally able to locate the source of the commotion, she was speechless. “When I saw our cat Cookie at 3am with a parrot in her mouth, I thought I was going crazy,” jokes the 40-year-old. When the cat saw its owner, it immediately wanted to let go of the parrot.

The tropical bird is what you call a “lovebird” or in French an “inseparable”. Saint-Galloise barely managed to catch the parrot. “When I picked up the bird, Cookie bit me. I then made sure the parrot was fine. Fortunately, I could not see any external damage to the animal.

An improvised shelter

Given the time the scene took place, the 42-year-old had to improvise. “I put the parrot temporarily for the night in my bathroom, which was locked. The next morning I immediately put up various ads, including on Facebook.

In the meantime, she and her daughter would have taken care of the bird. “We have chickens nearby. We fed the parrot with mealworms so that he could regain his strength,” explains Saint-Galloise. Thanks to the ads, the owner of the inseparable could be found the same day.

The bird, originally from Madagascar, probably escaped from a neighbour’s aviary. “My daughter has sent the little runaway back to his owner’s care.” He would have been very happy to see their parrot come home.



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