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Capeb offers state-guaranteed loans

Capeb offers state-guaranteed loans

State-guaranteed loans (PGE) have apparently worked well to support companies during the health crisis. Why not use this model for financing energy renovation? This is the idea put forward at the beginning of November 2022 during a press conference by the president of the Association of crafts and small construction companies, Jean-Christophe Repon. He regrets “the total absence of banks” on products such as eco-PTZ. “However, the role of financial institutions is crucial in this matter.” The professional organization would not take a weak view of the state’s takeover of this sector. But therefore also offers these energy renovation PGEs.

“Today it is possible to take out a loan with three clicks to acquire a car”recalls Jean-Christophe Repon. “The system for financing energy renovation work should also be ultra-simple. It is not acceptable that the individual and the craftsman have to go through an obstacle course for each file.” In recent days, the government has announced the launch of a new eco-PTZ, backed by MaPrimeR√©nov’, for the sake of simplification. There is no doubt that the results of this new financial tool available to banks will be scrutinized by Capeb at a time when the renovation advance loan does not seem to have found its place.


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