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Cat: How to clean its ears easily

It is not always easy to clean a cat’s ears. We show you step by step how to clean your cat’s ears that are affected by excess earwax. Follow the steps!

A special animal!

We know it ! The cat has a very sensitive sense of hearing and a hearing ability much more developed than that of humans. In fact, feline prey communicates through high and low sounds, so it is of the utmost importance for felines to have good hearing.

Can hear a pin drop to the floor That’s why in this article we want to help you keep your cat’s ears in top shape. To do this, clean your pet’s outer and inner ears. Don’t worry, we’ll help you get it right!

How to examine the outer and inner ear?

How to examine the outer and inner ear?

It’s the day you have to take care of your cat’s ears, the first thing you have to do? Examine the outer ear. To do this, first examine the auricle, which is the small pocket that your cat has right at the edge of the ears.

In good condition, the pinna will show a layer of hair on the outer surface with no bald spots. While the inner surface will be clean if it is pink in color. Do you notice redness or swelling in the area? You should take your cat to the vet to have his ears checked. You must also make sure that your cat’s ears are free of scabs, wounds or scratches.

What to observe!

What to observe!

First, start by gently bending your ear so you can see into the ear canal. A healthy inner ear will not smell bad and will have little or no earwax.

At this point, you should also look for scratches, wounds or scabs. Because these signs can warn of a possible disease. For a cat’s ear that is covered with excess earwax or gives off a strange smell…this may indicate an infection or ear infection and you should take him to the vet clinic for a checkup.

How do you clean a cat's ears and which products should you use?

How do you clean a cat’s ears and which products should you use?

You will definitely want to know the best way to clean a cat’s ears. We explain to you.

First, remember that the recommended cleaning frequency for always completely clean and healthy ears is once every two weeks. Thanks to this two-week hygiene, you reduce the accumulation of earwax on your pet’s ears.

How do you clean the outside of your cat's ear?

How do you clean the outside of your cat’s ear?

It is simple ! Use a towel moistened with lukewarm water and a bit of your shampoo. Next, gently wipe the hairy area of ​​the ear, then remove any shampoo residue that may remain in the area. When it comes to the inside of the ear, great care must be taken to avoid causing serious problems for your cat.

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