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Cat stuck in car engine saved by paramedics

A cat rescued by the Communal Civil Security Reserve of Laigneville (Oise). (©Laigneville Municipal Civil Security Reserve – RCSC)

It is 3:45 p.m., Sunday June 12, when a resident of the town of Laigneville (Oise), north of Creil, reports abnormal noises near his home, in the impasse Anna de Noailles. “We hear the little kitten meows who must be dying of heat in this heat,” she wrote on a local group made up of area residents.

In the process, the Communal Civil Security Reserve of Laigneville (RCSC) took the situation in hand and sent two agents to the scene. animal, stuck for several hoursis located in the engine compartment.

A hard to reach place

A contact is made with the owner of the vehicle and a list of solutions is imagined “so as not to injure the animal, nor damage the vehicle, adds Civil Security, the kitten being blocked in a difficult place”.

The “safe and sound” animal

After the disassembly a wheel at the front of the vehicle, the kitten “came out safe and sound”explains the Communal Civil Security Reserve.

Rehydrated, the animal was taken care of by an animal association.

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