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Chaumont elected officials ready to tackle 2023

Municipal life (1/2). The last city council pledge of the year, Christine Guillemy, mayor of Chaumont, prepares a brief assessment of the year 2022 in her opening remarks. The issue of the hospital was at the heart of his speech, but don’t forget some positive remarks.

“2022 ends in an anxiety-inducing economic and social context. The opening remarks from Christine Guillemy, mayor of Chaumont, during the last city council of the year, are far from positive. It thus highlights two main facts before the elected representatives who met on Friday, December 9 at the town hall: the situation of “our Ukrainian friends, for whom Christmas will again be complicated”, and the situation of the “hospital”. On this subject, she says that “ARS must make announcements, which must come quickly, so that the harmful climate in which the territory of Sud-Haute-Marne is located ceases”.

Alexandre Pernet, from the “We Chaumont” list, joins the mayor in his remarks. Nevertheless, he evokes “the somewhat heavy silence of the chairman of the branch council, Nicolas Lacroix, which causes trouble. An announcement would clarify certain positions.” Christine Guillemy replies that solidarity work is maintained between the mayors of the three municipalities, including with Nicolas Lacroix.

“But it is up to the ARS to announce the decisions taken. Nevertheless, the departmental council will only finance the project if this is the scenario chosen by former minister Olivier Véran “- namely the gradation of care between the hospitals of Bourbonne-les-Bains (grade 1 ), Langres (grade 1 improved), Chaumont (grade 2) with Dijon University Hospital as reference company (grade 3), established in December 2021.

She adds: “I cannot imagine the town of Langres without a hospital and an emergency department day and night. There is no war between Langres and Chaumont, nor between the countryside and the city. In terms of health, we are talking about the living areas of the three communities, Chaumont, Langres and Bourbonnes-les-Bains. »

Some positive comments

According to her, the Rolampont counter-project is still an “economically and ecologically obsolete project that does not take into account mobility, be it staff, patients or families. It is up to us to take our responsibility as elected, legitimately democratic representatives, for the future for our territory and its good network in the coming ten, fifteen, twenty years. »

However, Christine Guillemy notes positive notes for this end of the year. In addition to the Christmas celebrations, which have been a real success, the mayor is pleased with the measures implemented in favor of biodiversity, referring in particular to the arrangement to put flowers on the facades of the Vieux Chaumont district under Sainte-Catherine, and first trees planted as part of the restoration of the Brottes school courtyard.

In addition, it is already projected towards 2023 with the presence of 35 new “small” partners, as the CM1-elected children’s municipal board had their first commission on 29 November 2022. The municipal board – “big” this time – also welcomed per first time Sandrine Ledoux, new advisor to the opposition, replacing Dorcas Nou, on the “We Chaumont” list.

Joffrey Tridon



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