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Chez Ange, the new Corsican restaurant in Perray-en-Yvelines has opened its doors

The restaurant Chez Ange opened its doors last week after several months of work. It is located in the former Auberge de l’Artoire. (©Robin Peter)

Closed in 2020, at the start of the health crisis, the Auberge de l’Artoire, at Perray-en-Yvelines, reborn under a new name. “Chez Ange” welcomed its first customers on 1er June.

After a “test launch, to make the first adjustments”, Wednesday 1er June 2022, Ange-Pierre Rey organized a reception on Friday June 3 to discover his brand new restaurant. He invited his family, his friends, his fellow restaurateurs as well as local elected officials.

The guests discovered a room with dark blue walls and golden accents, in the art-deco style. A brand new frame that represents “eight months of intense work. We redid everything, from A to Z,” explains Ange-Pierre Rey, the new owner.

Outside, customers can now have a drink with their feet in the sand, in the grass, or sheltered under a gazebo.

A new life for the Auberge de l’Artoire

The opening of this restaurant materializes “a project that I had dreamed of for 20 years” he adds. During the confinement, while he was looking for a new location for his restaurant, Ange-Pierre was informed of the sale of the Auberge de l’Artoire. “I stumbled upon it by accident. As soon as I walked in, everything was exactly as I imagined. It’s a real crush, I bought it in 48 hours.

Except specialties imported from Corsicathe restaurant gets its supplies locally, so it uses a fruit and vegetable distributor based in Méré and the Folies Craquantes bakery, in Perray, among others.

“The most important thing is the craftsman. The one who lives with his animals, his fruits, his vegetables. We are the showcase of their work. »

Angel-Pierre ReyOwner of Chez Ange

The map offers a limited number of dishes to ensure the freshness of the products. “We don’t even have a freezer, except for ice cream! jokes Ange-Pierre.

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Composed of 12 employees who worked in the former Chez Ange restaurant in Versailles, the team is looking to expand both in the kitchen and in the dining room. This new establishment represents a real change in the working environment. “We quadruple the area, it’s downright better in terms of working comfort,” says Maxime Botto, restaurant manager, who cuts slices of Corsican ham on his brand new machine, which sits proudly in the center of the room. “And then it’s not the same job, we’re going to develop events by welcoming up to 150 people,” he adds.

As for the stoves, “it’s a real pleasure”, admits Arnold Tajiri, cook. “We can express ourselves better in our creations,” he explains. “I prefer here to Versailles. There, when we came out of the kitchen, we were in town. Here, we go out and we are there…”, marvels Fabien Gauthier, head chef, in front of the forest which surrounds the garden.

“We stop the shackles of traditional catering”

The restaurant is ready to welcome its new customers, but Ange-Pierre Rey aims to develop it further.

“This is a project that will be developed over five years. We want to install a beach with swimming pool, an outdoor kitchen, a hut and a roof-top. We would also like to integrate a drive-thru grocery store. »

Pierre-Ange ReyOwner of Chez Ange

For the restaurateur, “the customer must feel free. He can walk on the beach, in the garden, the straw hut. We stop the shackles of traditional catering. It is in this setting that Pierre-Ange plans to organize “between one and two events per month, until September” with the program “Themed evenings and open-air cinema. »

While waiting for these upcoming developments, customers can already “come have a drink and take a charcuterie board ” in the garden. Reservations are also open to “partially or fully privatize the restaurant for events. »

Robin Peter

Chez Ange restaurant. 2, Rue du Paris, 78610, Le Perray-en-Yvelines. www.chezangerestaurant.fr Reservation: chezange@orange.fr or 01 80 84 44 10

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