Home Kitchen Crush at Action with this summer essential to make really good ice cream! – Tuxedo board

Crush at Action with this summer essential to make really good ice cream! – Tuxedo board

Crush at Action with this summer essential to make really good ice cream!  – Tuxedo board

Crush at Action with this summer essential to make really good ice cream!

What’s better than getting ice cream in the summer? Action creates a sensation with its reusable molds!

As usual, the company Action caused a sensation. To spend a very pleasant summer, the brand offers a lot of good reusable molds for making ice cream ! We tell you everything!

Trending action in France

Discount brands have the advantage of being very popular in France. Especially in this period of inflation where prices are more and more explosive. Lidl or Aldi offer low prices to customers. This is also the case with Leclerc, who very often lowers the price of fuel. Very often you can find cost prices there.

It can only be fantastic good for the French wallet. There is also the company Action, which enters the front of the stage. Since its creation in 2012, the brand has offered quality products at very low prices.

The latter are so successful that the company has been chosen as “favourite of the French”. At Action, the average price of products is around €2. You can find nuggets there. Just like beauty products of all kinds.

Lately, it is the perfect replica of the Laneige brand that made everyone agree. It is then a SkinBliss lip mask. It is available in strawberry or vanilla for the Overnight Lip Mask. And it only costs 0.99 euros.

At Action there are also decorations, pots, lamps, food and even clothes. This is what makes the brand successful. Frédéric Fessart is very proud of it. He told HuffPost: In fact, it is above all that they are everywhere in France with 726 stores. Every year they open 70! That’s huge for a brand that’s only 10 years old.

Reusable molds for making ice cream!

Every week, the company Action unveils a new product. So in this period of beautiful days, the company markets various novelties to make your summer more pleasant.

For example, there are quality fans. But also parks for children who defy all competition. Or deckchairs for the garden. At Action you could also discover the molds for ice cream.

They are very practical as they can therefore be reused. Simply place them in the freezer after filling them with the cream of your choice.

Very proud of its product, the company Action decided to make it so promotion on his Instagram account. You can read the following message: “Enjoy the summer! Try our reusable molds for your ice creams: go to your favorite Action store before they’re gone.

Yes, but here it is… The comments are divided! Good number of subscribers validate this ice product : ” I bought them, I take frozen fruits that I pass through the thermomix and then I fill these silicone balls and put them back in the freezer! It makes good ice cream! »

But others criticize the taste of plastic which he leaves in his mouth. We can therefore read on Instagram: Not happy at all, I had to throw them out because they smell like plastic”, “I liked the idea of ​​making sorbets and popsicles cheaply, but plastic gives a bad taste. Inedible. »

If this interests you, don’t hesitate get to the store ASAP. Because these little molds promise to sell like hotcakes.


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