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DA Uzi dedicates a song to his lawyer who got him out of trouble

DA Uzi announced the release of their new project, The path of the bravewhere he promises a nod to Nairi Zadourian.

The name of Naïri Zadourian is likely to resonate even more within the rap sphere. A few months ago, the lawyer defended DA Uzi during a trial at the Bobigny court, he appeared for drug trafficking and carrying weapons. The rapper was finally released for procedural error after an unjustified identity check.

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Indebted, the 9.3 rapper then raised the lawyer to stardom, sharing it regularly on his social networks. A notoriety that should reach a new stage, since DA Uzi has planned to devote a piece to him on the occasion of his new album.

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DA Uzi: “There is a sound called ‘Master Zadourian'”

Indeed, the artist recently announced the release of his next project The path of the brave which will be released on April 1. And while Naïri Zadourian commented on the announcement of his rapper client, the latter replied to him: “There’s a sound called ‘Master Zadourian’, aren’t you mad at me?”. The lawyer apparently had no objection to this funny flattery.

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However, there is not only humor to be drawn from the story. After the release of DA Uzi, Naïri Zadourian suffered the wrath of social networks, threatened with death and strongly insulted. She had revealed during Daily the chilling messages she received daily on the sidelines of the case. “A lawyer is threatened because she did her job. It’s very serious,” she added to World.



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