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damage replaced a record high cost

The record drought in the summer of 2022 has left many traces in the homes of the French. You still have to wait to be compensated.

The bill will be higher than expected for the insurance companies. On Monday, November 21, the French Insurance Federation published its updated forecasts for the costs of the drought in 2022. At the end of September, the first published figures already reflected an alarming situation. ” We have raised our estimate: 1.9 to 2.8 billion euros, that is an extremely high cost “Explains Florence Lustman, president of the French Insurance Federation, to France Inter.

Check for dryness, new or enlarged cracks

Because during the summer, drought and temperatures reached record levels, leading to the weakening of many houses on French territory. And autumn brings out the first damages: old cracks are now openly cracking some houses, others have seen them appear during the summer period.

Among the most affected houses were houses built on clay soil. Because the earth shrinks in times of drought and swells when it rains. These movements eventually cause cracks in the walls. According to the Ministry of Ecological Transition, almost half of the soil is affected by this phenomenon in France. And as the meteorological episodes increase and repeat, the damage becomes more important. Thus, unprecedented consequences of the record-breaking summer drought are likely to occur.

To get compensation, the victims have to go a long way. First while waiting for a natural disaster order for the municipality, then in the hope that the experts believe that the disaster is due to a direct cause. But before taking responsibility, a lot of time can pass. Regarding the 2022 episode, we have to wait until the beginning of summer 2023. According to the insurance world, 50% of cases lead to compensation.



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