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Delphine Jubillar: her friends rant against Cédric’s lawyers

On the Facebook page held by Delphine Jubillar’s friends, the latter were very revolted by the words of Cédric Jubillar’s lawyers. The opportunity for the latter to assert their truth.

A shattering rant. This Wednesday, September 21, the friends of Delphine Jubillar – who disappeared on the night of December 15 to 16, 2020 – shared their opinions on this case on Facebook. Following the case very closely, the latter have obviously read the recent remarks by the lawyers of the main suspect, Cédric Jubillar – still presumed innocent – in the media.

Comments deemed inadmissible in their eyes. “Defense attorneys claimed that Delphine deliberately abandoned her children. It does not make sense !“, they first let it be known, before adding, angrily: “Do not take the police for morons, the worst is you. All your requests for release fail one after the other.” Proof that after twenty months of intense research, the loved ones of the missing nurse remain determined to preserve the honor and memory of Delphine…

This “blue jacket” found by Delphine’s friends

In parallel with the investigators, Delphine Jubillar’s friends regularly carry out searches to find her. And as pointed out The Picard Courieron September 15, the latter did not hesitate to help Audrey, a clairvoyant from Amiens, who went to Cagnac-les-Mines at the end of August in order to advance the investigation. On the spot, the medium followed her “felt” and took the nurse’s relatives to different places.

We stopped in a parking lot with Emy, Hélène and Séverine. Behind this parking lot, there was a ravine. That’s where I said to do some research., shared Audrey to the media. “They discovered a plastic bag in which were two items of clothing, including a blue jacket.“, then specified the media. A discovery which, according to “one of Delphine’s friends […] looked like a model that wore Cedric Jubillar“.

Photo credits: Screenshot / Facebook

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