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Denmark and England ready to appeal to FIFA?

Axel Allag, Media365: published on Wednesday 23 November 2022 at 23:05.

Threatened with sanctions from FIFA for wearing the “One Love” armband, the Danish and English federations would be ready to appeal to the world body. On Wednesday, Jesper Møller, chairman of the Danish confederation, did not hide his disappointment at FIFA’s position during a press conference.

Denmark and England did not take to the ban on wearing the “One Love” armband. During an impromptu press conference held on Wednesday, Jesper Møller, chairman of the Danish confederation, considered himself “angry” at Gianni Infantino, particularly lamenting the lack of coherence in FIFA and by extension the president of the global organ. . “On 21 November, England requested an emergency meeting with FIFA, who came to the English hotel. FIFA said they would give at least one yellow card to a captain wearing the armband (One Love). There have been discussions about whether there is a right to give a yellow card, but it is there. The penalty could have been a yellow card, regardless of whether the captain did not come on the field or was sent offclaimed Møller in particular.

“We will seek legal clarification after this pressure”

He said he would not support Gianni Infantino in the FIFA elections scheduled for next March, for which the Swiss are the only declared candidates. “We will seek legal clarification as a result of this pressure. There are presidential elections in FIFA. There are 211 countries in FIFA and I know that the current president has statements of support from 207 countries. Denmark is not one of those countries. Møller slipped. As for England’s case, the Telegraph explains that the English FA would have entrusted its legal team with the mission of investigating how the world body planned to implement its rules and whether the rules were applied correctly in this specific case. The German Football Association has confirmed that it will investigate the various legal options to be given in this matter. It is still unknown whether it will go as far as an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, which is currently not possible according to Møller. (Cases must first go to the FIFA Appeals Committee).

On Tuesday, the German daily Bild indicated that the DFB could appeal. The spokesman for the German Confederation (DFB) confided in SID, a German sports agency, a subsidiary of AFP. “FIFA banned us (to show, editor’s note) a sign of diversity and human rights. She made massive threats of sports sanctions without specifying them, he said. Just before the defeat against Japan (1-2), the players from Germany showed their displeasure with the ban on wearing the “One Love” armband and by extension FIFA by masking their mouths.



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