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Desjardins data theft: an insurance salesman was tapped

To date, none of them have been charged.

However, documents released by the court on Wednesday at the request of Radio-Canada and other media reveal new details about the investigation conducted by police with a former personal insurance salesman, Nicolas Fecteau. – Tincau.

In July 2019, a Sûreté du Québec detective sergeant learned in Desjardins’ data theft file that Nicolas Fecteau-Tincau was wiretapped in connection with an aggravated assault case in the Quebec region.

In particular, this wiretapping would have revealed that Mr. Fecteau-Tincau had discussions about Desjardins and he has le projet Portier“,”text”:”des échanges avec des sujets (individus) visés dansle projet Portier”}}”>exchanges with subjects (individuals) targeted in the Portier projectthe name of the study of SQ at Desjardins.

The wiretapping revealed that, among other things […] clients met by Nicolas Fecteau-Tincau often have life insurance with Desjardins [et qu’il] receives contact information on the person, the insurance amount and the premium paid per month. The goal is to sell insurance at a lower price than the one the customer already hascan we read.

These passages are found in particular in an information with a view to obtaining a search warrant, which aims to obtain from the Desjardins Group the originals or the certified copy of the documents necessary for the police investigation of the leak of customer and member data Desjardins in relation to. with the internal investigation at Desjardins.

For its part, the SPVQ arrested Mr Fecteau-Tincau in May 2019 for serious violence and death threats. They also searched his residence and seized various items including a mobile phone and computer belonging to him.. He pleaded not guilty to charges of making death threats and destroying or damaging movable or immovable property. Charges that were later dropped.

In addition, Nicolas Fecteau-Tincau was refused by the Financial Markets Authority (AMF) in October 2022 the renewal of his certificate in the discipline of personal insurance.

Other suspects in the Desjardins case have also been subject to AMF intervention for three years.

It was a suspicious transaction that took place in Laval in December 2018 that raised the suspicions of Desjardins, who filed a complaint with the Laval Police Department.

The SQ investigation began in June 2019. It concerns possible offenses of identity theft, trafficking in identifying information, fraud over $5,000 and benefiting a criminal organization.

A former Desjardins employee is suspected of stealing data from millions of customers, but he has not yet been charged.

A $200 million out-of-court settlement was reached in December 2021 following class action lawsuits brought after the leak of personal information that affected more than 9 million Desjardins members or clients. The first installments are due this year.



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