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Deux-Sèvres: The antibasins settle down, the Charentais ready to defy the ban on demonstrations

A camp with tents, barnum and camping was set up on the plot of a sympathetic farmer, a kilometer from the site of the basin. To reassure activists who are hesitant to defy the prefectural ban, organizers are posting numerous messages on social networks and even humorous videos.

In Charente, many opponents maintain their participation. Like Agnès Baudrillart, president of the Association protection et avenir du patrimoine en pays d’Aigre, very active within the collective Bassines non merci Aume-Couture. On Thursday evening, the Nupes parties sent a message of support to the protesters. “Left parties and environmentalists in Charente call for a moratorium on all giant basin projects”, they write.

In addition, a temporary order was issued by the organizers to break the prefecture’s ban on demonstrations. The administrative court in Poitiers held a hearing on this subject on Friday morning and will deliver its verdict during the day.



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