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Disappearance of Delphine Jubillar: “After a year, no evidence could be highlighted by the prosecution” says Cédric’s lawyer

Cédric Jubillar will appear this Thursday before the Toulouse court for a detention extension hearing. Denouncing a lack of evidence against him, his lawyers believe in his release.

This Thursday morning, a few minutes before his client’s hearing, Cédric Jubillar’s lawyer was interviewed by BFM TV. “We will of course seek his release under judicial supervision”warns M.e Alexander Martin. A decision motivated by the fact that the defense lawyers consider “that after a year of investigation, no evidence could be brought to light by the prosecution”.

Not content with asserting that no evidence incriminates his client, the lawyer claims to have an element supposed “demonstrate the innocence of Cédric Jubillar. It is the activity of Delphine’s telephone, all night, on several occasions, in particular at 6:52 a.m. A time at which Cédric Jubillar is with the gendarmes at his home, and we technically know since we know the telephone operator replied that the telephone can only be manipulated by an individual, it cannot be inadvertent manipulation, it must be unlocked when we know that Cédric Jubillar did not have the codes.

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On the organizational side, the lawyers have already planned the release of Cédric Jubillar. “We are going to propose an address, which is outside the Tarn, and will not be known by anyone to avoid any incident whatsoever”, noted Me Alexander Martin.



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