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DNA has spoken, the sheep between Saint-Léger and Mussy have been decimated by… dogs

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Since Sunday, Pierre Lempereur has been searching the surroundings of his property, located near the road Saint-Léger – Mussy in a place called “A Rouvroy”, to find part of his missing livestock. Of the fifty ewes and rams that settled in the pasture, 23 are still missing. The treatment plant came to pick up 6 of them. On Thursday, a live sheep was found in Mussy and another dead in Thorns.

The owner does not despair of finding a few more:”Since having a pack, I’ve had a dozen dog attacks, but this is really the most important. They must be hunting dogs that should be free and in a pack. The herd was really scared, broke the fences and scattered around. Such an attack often takes place during hunts. Also, I have a colleague in Mussy who also lost a sheep that same night.

He further adds: “ The dogs are insured, I would like to meet the owner to arrange with him.”

It is clear that the damage is significant, several ewes, which were supposed to give birth to lambs in January and February, have aborted.

The missing sheep are probably dead. Wild boar and other forest animals will enjoy it, but if sheep wander near the villages of Mussy and Saint-Léger, you can contact Pierre Lemaire, he will be happy to replenish his herd.

Contact: 0497 53 14 19




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