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Do cats like kisses? The experts’ answers

It should be noted that it is impossible to establish a rule or manual of preferences that perfectly suits all cats on the planet. Each cat has a unique personality and may exhibit different preferences and behaviors from those seen in most cats.

However, it is also significant to understand that cats’ language and communication is very different from ours. They have a different way of expressing their feelings, moods and perceptions of their surroundings. Therefore, not all human displays of affection, such as kisses and hugs, are enjoyable times for our feline companions.

In this article, we explain whether cats like kisses. However, we will also tell you how you can show your cat that you love him in cat language. You will be able to express your affection to him and strengthen your bond with him without exposing him to uncomfortable situations. Don’t miss this opportunity!

So do cats like kisses or not?

If we look at the behavior of most people livestock, we find out that cats don’t like kisses. They also won’t be receptive if you try to cuddle them as it can create a sense of confinement, and they won’t appreciate you trying to pet them in their most vulnerable areas, like their belly.

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Nevertheless, we can observe that some felines adapt and learn to accept these situations as part of the positive bond they maintain with their masters. In any case, it must be pointed out that kisses and hugs are not part of cat love. Therefore, before you try to kiss or cuddle your pet, remember to be aware of their character and respect their preferences.

To greet each other in a friendly way and express their affection, cats do not need to articulate their lips as we do. To send you what is called » cat kiss “, your kitty squints and gives you a peaceful look. This simple, low-key type of “kiss” doesn’t involve physical contact, but it says a lot about the bond between you and the love your cat gives you.

How do you show your cat that you love him?

That the best way to tell your cat you love her is to get to know her personality to identify the things he likes and the things that make him uncomfortable. Also, if you spend some time getting to know cats’ body language better, you will learn to interpret their postures and facial expressions, which will help you improve your communication with your cat.



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