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Do cats really like to sleep with us? The answer is…

They are said to be cold and haughty. However, many videos can attest to the deep attachment that can exist between a cat and its master. The fact that they sleep on us is also proof of that, isn’t it?

Why do cats sleep on us?

It’s just to keep warm, cry those who don’t like (or don’t know) cats. This kind of thinking can be hurtful for a masterconvinced that his pet loves it. What about the truth: is the cat taking advantage of us or does it want to get closer because it loves us?

It can be said in this matter that there is no absolute truth ; because every cat and every master are differents. Their personality and the relationship they have with each other can determine this type of behavior.

It can be a practical relationship as in the case of farm cats. They are then there as predators, to keep rodents away. They then receive food and a few caresses in exchange, but we cannot speak of a close relationship.

For others, they are a real passion so much so that they are allowed to sleep in the parental room. But does this mean that if the cats sleep with usdo they love us?

Cats have atavistic reflexes, even though they have lived indoors from an early age. Their senses are always alert. Yet when they sleep on us they seem immersed in a deep sleep.

Indeed, the proximity of a person with whom they have established solid and lasting bonds makes them feel safe. The cat therefore has confidence in the human being on or next to whom it sleeps, as it would with members of its siblings, for example which is, for many, a beautiful proof of love.

My cat does not sleep with me: does he not love me?

Cats love their comfort and are animals of habit. An animal that has become infatuated with a chair will constantly return to it for a period of time, until a chair pad becomes more to its liking. When a cat is good he does not necessarily think of changing places to join his master, as a dog might do. The independence that we lend him so much appears at these times.

An aging animal may also struggle to go upstairs to sleep on the bed. He then prefers to stay in the living room, especially if he has been fitted out a cozy corner. If the cat manifests its desire to have cuddles, on a recurring basis, it means that it is attached to you.

When cats sleep on us, depending on their positioning, it can have particular meanings: fusional love, feeling of superiority Where difficulty finding their place in the relationship.

Yes, cats are very mysterious and the studies that are carried out on them allow us, every day, to discover a little more. In any case, one thing is certain; they are fascinating animals.



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