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Dog Tries To Hide Family’s New Kitten So No One Plays With Him

Colleen Harrison and her family, which already included dogs, decided to adopt a little kitten they named Casper. Although the family weren’t sure how she would react, she decided to take a chance. They say their pit bull, named Minnie, loves taking care of small animals, but what they didn’t expect was that as soon as their other dog, Rex, met Casper, it was love at first sight. .

Rex is younger than Minnie, and likes to run and play. He and Casper were shown to have a very similar energy from the start, both loving to play and cuddle together all day.


At first, when someone was trying to play with the new kitten, Rex apparently wasn’t too keen on the idea.

A dog tries to hide the family’s new kitten

Colleen told The Dodo:

“At first, Rex didn’t like anyone approaching the kitten. He was very protective of him. It is the same way with our children. Whenever the kitten or our kids are out of sight of Rex or in another room he can’t reach, he just sits there and whines. »


The family even noticed that on some occasions, when Rex and Casper were cuddled up for a nap, he was trying to hide the kitten from the rest of the family, but unfortunately for him, Casper didn’t stay hidden for long and came out to interact with the rest of the family.

Apparently Rex loves Casper so much he didn’t want to share him with anyone else, and as soon as he got home he decided they would be best friends. Now that the kitten has grown up, he’s slowly come to terms with the idea, as long as he has as much time as possible, Casper’s company all to himself.

Colleen assures him:

“Rex doesn’t mind others holding or playing with the kitten now, but he keeps an eye on him at all times. »

The truth is, as soon as Rex and Casper met, they immediately became best friends for life and have a very special bond that is sure to last a long time, and of course the whole family is very happy and excited to see them grow together.



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