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Drunk and without insurance, he discovers that he was not driving

Sentenced to a license suspension and a fine, he tried to lie in court and explained that he was not driving his car at the time.

The scene took place in the court in Vannes. Incredible as it may seem, a drunk and uninsured controlled person said that to the judgeshe didn’t drive his car.

The judges don’t believe him

Naturally, the judges did not believe the lies of the guilty party. They told him: “Aren’t you talking nonsense to us? Because it’s hard to believe you weren’t driving when you read the police report that suggests the driver got out of his car on his own and alone to drive towards them. »

According to this 43-year-old Vannetais, unknown to justice, everything would be just thata pure invention of the police.

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Drunk, he rejects the breathalyzer

The facts took place on 27 November 2022, shortly before When the police spot a car driving slowly and zigzagging, they decide to stop it.

When they stop the vehicle, the driver declares that it was an Ivorian friend who was driving, who fled at the last minute. The police then find that the individual does not have insurance and try to measure his blood alcohol level. The man refuses the test, and it is a doctor who notes his state of intoxication at the police station. Yes, he had glassy eyes, he staggered and his breath smelled full of alcohol. Early in the morning he agrees to perform the test and it shows 0.86 g/l.

Without a lawyer at trial, he states: “We had been drinking with friends when one offered to drive me home. So I wasn’t driving, but the front passenger was. I was asleep when he suddenly stopped to get out of the car and left the keys on the seat. I couldn’t get out of the passenger side because the car was badly parked. Admittedly I had been drinking but I wasn’t driving which is why I refused this check. I never saw this friend again, whose identity I do not know, and who I was told had left the region. »

The prosecutor’s answer leaves no doubt: “He invented a story sewn with white thread. The police saw that there was only one person on board before parking and they did not see anyone else get out. Because he was afraid of losing his license and had no insurance, the defendant, in a clearly intoxicated state, refused to submit to the alcohol test. But he was willing to do it for a drug test because he knew he hadn’t used drugs. »

Sentenced to an eight-month disqualification for driving under the influence of alcohol, the culprit also received aa fine of €500 because he was driving without insurance.



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