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€8 for beer, €7 for fries,…: how festivals want to regain their financial health on your consumption

After two years of silence due to the Covid, the summer festivals are back. But watch out for the bill: 3.5 to 4 euros for a beer, up to 7 euros for a portion of fries!

Les Francos de Spa, Rock Werchter, Couleur Café, Dour, Les Ardentes, Pukkelpop… For two years, these names that were always making a lot of noise during the summer had been silenced. Blame it on the coronavirus. Muted for two years, they are back to the delight of festival-goers. But not that of their wallet. Because on this side, it stings and not just a little. Eating and drinking in these large gatherings was already expensive before the pandemic, today it is even more so. Example with the Graspop Metal Meeting which is in full swing until Sunday.

The metal festival, yet considered one of the most affordable big festivals in Belgium, has increased all of its prices. The price of tokens to buy food and drink has gone from €2.75 to €3.30; which represents a 20% increase. The price (1 token) of a classic drink (25 cl) therefore remains “affordable” but the food is quite expensive. Count €6.60 for a small fries with sauce and €13.20 for a small pita, or a few chicken nuggets.



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