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Eat more vegetables: a viral and simple hack

Eating veggie is finally eating cheaper: the gourmet tactics of a doctor of dietetics has gone viral on the TikTok social network. it allowed difficult palates who did not like vegetables to appreciate them better in this form.

Steph Grasso, specialist in dietetics, therefore published on his account @StephGrassodietitian an overview of how they can achieve their intake. The recipe is simple and straightforward: just make a shake filled with protein and vegetables.

The interest is there since the little film has been viewed more than 2.3 million times. The quality of it? Perhaps its title: “Nutrition HACK for picky eaters”. And we can say that in the United States where this video comes from, it is the vegetables that are the most difficult to make the majority like: only one in 10 adults in 2015 and 2019 ate enough fruit and vegetables.

viral video

In her video, Ms Grasso showed off a large bag of frozen yellow squash cubes and said they could be substituted for ice cubes in a shake as they have no taste.

After filling the blender cup halfway with the yellow squash cubes, she added spinach, chocolate protein shake and nut butter before blending. The great interest of this mixture is to obtain “half of your daily vegetable intake thanks to this mixture”, can we read on the video.

Interviewed by Newsweek magazine, Steph Grasso explained that this funny recipe came to her from her boyfriend who was looking for a way to add more nutrients to his smoothies, because he is often too busy to snack throughout the day. daytime.

Focus on picky eaters

Wowed after trying it, Dr. Grasso decided to share it with her followers who are mostly picky eaters looking for ways to incorporate more vegetables into their diet.

“For most of my followers, it’s a texture problem,” she says. “Finding roundabout ways to add more vegetables has been very helpful to them.”

Half of the necessary vegetable ration

“This video is a hack to add more vegetables,” she said. “I don’t recommend sneaking vegetables in for kids or people who really hate vegetables, as it can create a worse relationship with that food. And if someone has food allergies, always be honest [sur] what the food contains. »

Grasso also explains that she posted another video on how someone can add vegetables disguised as meat sauce and plans to continue this series.



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