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EBP Banque-Assurance will equip AXA General Agents

EBP Banque-Assurance will equip AXA General Agents


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(Boursier.com) — Réussir, the National Union of General Agents of AXA wanted to offer agents the opportunity to equip themselves with software that allows them to manage their operating accounts. The publisher EBP will therefore provide them with the EBP Banque Assurance software, adapted to the special conditions of their profession.
“This accounting solution, which will be recommended to agents by AXA, responds to a triple challenge: to improve their productivity in the accounting of general expenses, to increase their efficiency through automated flows with the company and, above all, to ensure that their accounts are respected . As independent entrepreneurs, we are particularly committed to choosing the most effective management tool”, says Rémi GAUTTIER, AXA General Agent and President of the Réussir Syndicate.

The EBP group has been able to develop cloud software that enables agents to automate their accounts by bringing together data from two sources. Flows from insurance accounts (eg commissions paid by head office to agents) and from the synchronization of branch bank accounts. The transfer of all this data will happen automatically during night processing to increase agents’ productivity.

Insurance agents who maintain their operating accounts in the AXA environment will benefit from the automatic repatriation of all their accounting data. In addition, agents using an external solution will be supported by EBP’s assistance services to repatriate their data. Everyone will benefit from startup training.

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