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Encanette, a new ready-to-drink brand from Absolu

When Jean-Philippe Roussyformer master distiller, Sebastien Maillouxfry and Dany Bergeron, vintner met, there was this natural “fit” that knocked them over! From there, the idea of ​​drinks with complex flavors was born in a can. Simple too. There’s nothing like cold brew coffee with nitrogen and fizzy mocktails with flavors that are anything but boring. Pulling the pin brings all the experience of this team to the surface. The motto these enthusiasts of unique drinks have given themselves: nothing “flat”, nothing flat.

The strategy
The starting point? A canned drinks company. What makes it different? His product, quite simply. A complex and sophisticated taste in the simplest container, a can. The idea ofAbsolutely therefore had to come and play every time with the inseparable contrast between simplicity and complexity. The complexity of aromas, ingredients, R&D, know-how and processes. And the simplicity of the container and the ways to consume the drinks: in a can or in a glass.

name search
New brand means new name. So whatAbsolutely did is that the agency stuck as close to the brief as possible. The team can drink beverages that are of course not canned. It’s that simple! Absolutely wanted a distinctive name that says what it does, a name that can be transferred between the many product categories to come, a name that reflects the tone of the brand and a name that dares to like its drinks. The agency wanted to find a name as simple as its container, but oh so recognizable: encanette.

On the visual identity side, we wanted to create an anti-superficial brand that uses the simplicity of the container to show that it’s the content that’s exciting. “The whole essence of the brand is based on the appropriation of the category, beyond the product. We had to keep in mind the possibility of developing several series, so we bet on the repetition of clear graphic codes, in a minimalist look, which allows us to develop several product lines, each with their own personality. To stand out in the ready-to-drink jungle, the idea of ​​going “unbrand” in terms of design was obvious, as much to reflect the simplicity of the container as to maximize our visibility on the shelves at a marketing level”, explains Melissa Boudreaultartistic director at Absolutely.

An abundance of amazing sensations, that’s what it promises consumers. Encanette comes to play on a dual level of sensations. On one side, Absolutely plays on emotions: it wakes up a gray Monday or enlivens any evening. On the other hand, it plays on the senses: the fantastic side of the fine bubbles of mocktails and a creamy consistency that refreshes in its cold-brewed coffees with nitrogen.

A 100% digital launch campaign
To launch these ready-to-drink products, the advertising concept plays with phrases of drinks, words and mood. Whether it’s in a glass or a can, you should see one of the 6 mocktails or 4 cold brew coffees with nitrogen in a can. The campaign targets all of Quebec and is available in digital and social media, in addition to a larger influencer campaign.

Also, because it needs to be kept simple, ready-to-drink cans are now in favorite grocery and convenience stores across Quebec.

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Advertiser: Encanette
Agency: Absolutely
Advisory service: Kessy Bradette, Camille Pellerin, Laury Marsan
Strategy: Louis Morissette
Creative Direction: Karine Sylvester
Artistic direction: Melissa Boudreault
Design editing: Julianne Beaulieu Genest
Design: Valerie Francoeur, Zoe Spychka, Johan Davidson
3D modeling: Nicholas Quaderno
Media: Valérie Perreault, Lorie Caouette, Diana Haché Thilavanh, Jade Maillé
Content creation: Chloe Lecours and Noemie Rocque
Web strategy and user experience: Catherine Bouvet, Yannick Allen
Programming: David Laberge
Research company: Play Marketing
Influence strategy and press relations: Communication fog
Production house: OKAY OKAY
Manager: Tom Patry
3D animated: North-East Studio




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