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Evreux. At La Madeleine, three lawyers plead for the inhabitants

Maître David Boyle has set up his law firm at 1, rue Michelet in La Madeleine, in Evreux (Eure).

Two lawyers, registered with the Order of lawyers to Eure Barpractice in the new firm of Madeleineat Evreux : the holder David Boyle, and Fatoumata Niakaté. Although generalists, both have developed expertise in litigation foreigners’ rights and right of asylum.

A third lawyer, independent, more specifically oriented towards the Criminal Lawshould join them in the coming weeks.

From Australia and Mali

David Boyle is particularly familiar with immigration law, having developed its daily practice, but also because he is originally from Australia. “I am bilingual, which can make things easier with English-speaking nationals. I have lived and practiced my profession in different countries, particularly on the African continent. For us, it is important to have a legal watch, first of all on French law of course, but also on the laws, statutes, situations and developments in the different countries from which migrants come to France. »

The lawyer Fatoumata Niakaté, is originally from Mali.

Advice and litigation

“Foreigners and asylum seekers consult us for advice and litigation. They are received to make them aware of their rights and help them to have them respected. Our role as a lawyer does not stop there. We also assist nationals of other countries wishing to obtain a visa for themselves or their children in order to come and visit their families in France”, continues David Boyle.

The two lawyers already have a lot of work:

The appointments keep coming. We see people whose cases can be very different. We have, at the moment, Afghan refugees, people in danger of death in their countries of origin because of their opinions, commitments or beliefs, families whose little girls risk being forcibly married or circumcised, women forced into prostitution, etc.

David BoyleLawyer in Evreux


The two lawyers are often asked what difficulties they encounter in the La Madeleine district. David Boyle smiles: “For us, it’s a neighborhood like any other, we work there quietly, we are respected and appreciated by the population. This location was imposed on us because we are close to different structures working in the reception and accommodation of foreigners but also associations providing assistance and relief. And this population needs the services of lawyers. Like our colleagues, we can assist them…”

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David Boyle – Fatoumata Niakaté law firm, 1, rue Michelet, 27000 Évreux. By appointment on 09 60 44 35 42.

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