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Fabrice Di Vizio, Didier Raoult’s lawyer, targeted by disciplinary proceedings

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Fabrice Di Vizio, figure of the anti-pass movement and lawyer for the controversial Didier Raoult, targeted by disciplinary proceedings.

The lawyer Fabrice Di Vizio, targeted by a disciplinary procedure by the Paris Bar Association, has been increasing massive appeals against the government’s management of the health crisis for more than a year, inspiring the skepticism of some of his peers.

The president of the Paris Bar Association, Me Olivier Cousi, confirmed to AFP on Wednesday the opening, the day before, of this disciplinary investigation which could lead to sanctions which could go as far as a ban on practicing. or deregistration. In question, according to a source familiar with the matter, his virulent statements. In mid-September, franceinfo had also indicated that “complaints from dissatisfied customers (had) been received by the Council”. “Radically false”, disputes Me Di Vizio.

Asked by AFP, Me Di Vizio, who would like to run for a mandate in the June legislative elections, said he had not been notified of this procedure, considering it “inadmissible”, but rejoicing. “Finally, they’re after me!”

Shrill voice, round glasses, leather jacket, this 47-year-old lawyer specializing in public health law became a media personality from the start of the health crisis in the spring of 2020. A regular guest on the show “Touche pas à mon poste” (C8) by Cyril Hanouna, he has also often appeared alongside the leader of the “Patriotes”, Florian Philippot, who boasts to AFP of a man “passionate in his fight and demanding in his argument”.

To his more than 130,000 followers on Twitter, he distills abundant comments on his legal remedies, punctuated with messages hostile to vaccination. “I will die of Covid if necessary but I will not be vaccinated. Between living like a coward and dying with honor, my choice is made”, he launched in July.

On his website, the lawyer claims to have handled “sensitive and complex cases, ranging from Mediator to the H1N1 flu”. He often defends health professionals who oppose government decisions. Me Di Vizio is also the lawyer for the controversial Professor Didier Raoult in a disciplinary file before the Order of Physicians of New Aquitaine, which examined two complaints in early November.



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