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failure without appeal of lawyers De Montbrial and Consigny

Missed bet. For these legislative elections, Les Républicains had got their hands on two media lawyers marked on the right: Charles Consigny and Thibault De Montbrial. The first had crossed the border of the courts to launch during the presidential campaign by joining Valérie Pécresse. According to the partial results, he obtained 13.17% of the vote, far behind the majority candidate Marie Lebec and her 42.33% and Céline Bourdon, for Nupes, with 24.55%. In 2012, he had already called for a vote in favor of Nicolas Sarkozy, without officially delving into the ex-president’s campaign.

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Charles Consigny defines himself as a man ” of right », « old school, but not reactionary “. In 2010, he was an unofficial adviser to Christine Boutin when she was president of the Christian Democratic Party.

The cops lawyer fails

LR candidate, Thibault De Montbrial comes in third place with 16.65% of the vote. In front of him, the outgoing majority candidate Natalia Pouzyreff obtains 34.46, against 27.74 for the Nupes candidate, Mélinda Sauger.

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Known to be one of the traditional police lawyers, Thibault De Montbrial intended to defend the police in the Assembly. He is campaigning in particular for a proposal instituting a specific status for police officers, preventing them from being indicted when they use their weapons until the investigation is completed. A system resembling the “presumption of self-defense” supported by the Alliance police union well marked on the right.



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