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FIFA reveals 2026 World Cup host cities and stadiums in USA, Canada and Mexico

They were 22 cities to want to host the 2026 World Cup, they will finally be 16 to be able to do so. FIFA designated on Thursday the cities that will receive the 2026 edition which will take place in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

While we already knew the host countries of the 2026 World Cup, in the presence of the North American trio, we were able to discover this Thursday the cities which will have the honor of hosting the prestigious competition. The United States will be the best represented.

Inevitably, there will be disappointments. Six cities that hoped to host the World Cup were ruled out with this announcement. Among them, five US cities and one Canadian city: Baltimore, Cincinnati, Denver, Nashville, Orlando and Edmonton.

Los Angeles will host the World Cup in two different stadiums: Rose Bowl Stadium and SoFi Stadium. Here is the complete list of host cities: Atlanta (USA), Boston (USA), Dallas (USA), Guadalajara (Mexico), Houston (USA), Kansas City (USA), Los Angeles (USA), Mexico City (Mexico) , Miami (USA), Monterrey (Mexico), New York / New Jersey (USA), Philadelphia (USA), San Francisco Bay Area (USA), Seattle (USA), Toronto (Canada), Vancouver (Canada).

This World Cup will be the first to see 48 teams compete, divided into 16 groups. UEFA alone will have 16 qualifiers. This event is likely to be one of excess and will present a new challenge to supporters after an edition in November.



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