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FMSAR: Takaful insurance is a “perfect” fit for SNIF

The Moroccan Federation of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies (FMSAR) indicated that Takaful insurance fits “perfectly” with the implementation of the National Financial Inclusion Strategy (SNIF).

in its 5th Courrier de l’Assurance, FMSAR emphasizes that “Takaful insurance fits perfectly with the implementation of SNIF with the establishment in 2022 of a regulatory framework specific to microinsurance with the extension of distribution channels to payment institutions”.

The association welcomes the start of this new activity and in this regard welcomes all the stakeholders who have contributed to the success of this very important project for the development of the market, as well as for the inclusion of part of the population. with this type of concept.

According to FMSAR, Takaful insurance should develop gradually, focusing in the start-up phase on coverage of death insurance for the benefit of people who use crowdfunding, while integrating those who until then have not been able to cover loans raised before the implementation of Takaful insurance.

Three insurance products are already ready for marketing in this first phase, she said, specifying that they are: “Death borrower”, “Multi-risk building” and “Investment”.

The current offering, she notes, will be supplemented over time to meet customers’ needs, particularly in terms of health coverage and assistance services.



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