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Foirail district in Pau, an anthology of Japanese dishes to taste at Yuri.m

No sushi here, which is normally reserved for trained chefs…

There’s no sushi here, which is normally reserved for great chefs trained in this art, but raw or cooked fish, marinated meats, skilfully accompanied vegetables… of quality, as they are cooked on a daily basis in Japan,” says Yuri.

Full meals at noon

At noon, from Wednesday to Saturday, the starter/main course/dessert menu offers a full menu at 25 euros made with products from the Halles de Pau, fish from the Saint-Jean-de-Luz auction. “I also use a lot of organic fruit, vegetables and aromatic plants from the Vallée des deux sources company. Based in Verlus, this family has opted since the origin of the operation to work in a place very protected from any pollution”, admires the chef.

For dessert, Yuri varies the pleasures between puffed cheese cake, chocolate mochi with raspberry mousse, revisited roll cake…

Full dishes at noon or portions in the evening, the pleasures vary at Yuri.m.

Nicolas Sabathier

And tapas style in the evening

In the evening, tapas lovers will return to their habits. “It’s also a tradition with us to taste izakayas: small bistro-style dishes. These are hot or cold dishes, such as albacore tuna tempura with shiso herbs, marinated beef, cherry tomatoes served in lemon verbena soup, ramen… that can be shared.

About ten savory dishes are offered and some do not hesitate to come and taste the whole menu in a group or with the family. Without forgetting a dizzying choice of sakes. An ideal formula, for those who come to enjoy the shows, concerts and films of the Foirail which will be inaugurated on September 30.

The editorial staff advises you

And for those who don’t know the Hybrid Workshops site, where Yuri has set up his kitchen, it’s an opportunity to discover the various creative spaces, shops and equipped offices that are available to everyone. “It’s a very nice place, very bright, which allows me to work alone, while being surrounded by other entrepreneurs with whom I can talk”. A setting that perfectly suits this creative soul who regularly offers workshops there: the next ones on the program: “cooking your ramen or your mochi”. Classes that are also suitable for children.

At noon: Wednesday to Saturday from 12:15 p.m. to 2 p.m. (last order). And Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 4:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. (7:30 p.m. last order). Reservation at 07/84/89/03/60 and

Yuri style tempura recipe.  m

Yuri style tempura recipe. m

Nicolas Sabathier


Crispy Tempura batter, even chilled! 1 egg 30 g olive oil 300 g water 90 g flour 3 g baking powder In a bowl, put 1 egg, 30 g olive oil and 50 g water, and mix vigorously with the whip. Gradually add 300 g of water to the bowl, then the 90 g of flour and 3 g of yeast. Keep refrigerated To fry Tips for vegetables. They are often very smooth (sweet pepper, asparagus, cherry tomato, etc.) and do not take the dough well. It is therefore necessary to first pass them through the dough for the first time, then flour, then make a second pass in the dough. When do you dip Tempura in oil? Drop a few drops of paste into the oil. When the drop of batter dips and rises before touching the bottom of the pot, it’s time to start frying!



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