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For 14 years the dog has had a known habit in his neighborhood, but a bad encounter changes everything

For 14 years the dog has a known habit in his neighborhood

Nemo is a 14-year-old Jack Russel who lives in Pluvigner, Brittany with his master.

The pooch has had a habit every night for 14 years. He goes around the village to take a walk. All the locals know him and he is a very nice doggie who loves everyone.

The 5th assault in a year and a half

Unfortunately, on Sunday May 29, his master had a huge shock when he saw the doggie returning from his walk.

Nemo had his whole body painted in pink paint.

This is the 5th attack that the dog has suffered in a year and a half. For his master, it’s the drop of water that broke the camel’s back.

Indeed, this is the second time the dog has been tagged. The doggie had already received a lead bullet in the thigh and cuts with a cutter.

He complains

That’s not all. Nemo’s master’s neighbor found her cat covered in felt and its tail folded in half by a rubber band.

In March, a seagull was found tagged in paint, in a town 20 minutes from Pluvigner.

His master has decided to file a complaint for an act of cruelty to an animal.

As a reminder, animal cruelty is punishable by law with 3 years in prison and a fine of €45,000.

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