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Found alone in a TGV, a cat must face an uncertain future without its master

He was alone in his carrier bag and everything indicated that he had been abandoned. Fortunately, Tino will be able to count on people who will do anything to help him.

SNCF agents recently had a great meeting at the station Montparnasseat Parisas reported by JSL. A cat by name Tino was found in a TGV train Tarbes-Paris. He was alone in his carrier bag and appeared to have been abandoned.

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Everyone pulled together to make him smile

In this hypothesis, the agents contacted the animal rescue association” Rail Angels ” so that Tino can be accommodated there. They even broadcast an audio message at the station that night, hoping to find the owner of the feline as soon as possible…

Unfortunately, its owner did not seem to give any sign of life. However, the volunteers did not give up, especially when they were told by the vet that the cat was chipped. So they posted a want on the site Facebookto tell the story of Tino to as many people as possible, increasing their chances of identifying their master…

The story ends well

Their efforts finally paid off when they heard from the owner a few hours later. The young man in question was deaf and, as his mother explained to the members of the association, spoke in sign language. He had therefore not been able to hear the audio messages that were broadcast in the station on the evening of the sad separation with his cat.

Kevin had been greatly affected by the sudden loss of his pet. He never parted with it, his mother confides in the association. His cat had gone missing while he was buying metro tickets and he had put the bag on the ground…

How Tino had he arrived in this TGV? We’ll never know. The most important thing is that Kevin has found his best 4-legged friend and that he can put this story behind him…



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