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François Bretonnière and Florie Tourgon join HDV Avocats

April 4, 2022 – HDV Avocats, a labor law firm, is expanding its teams with the arrival of François Bretonnière and Florie Tourgon in the Clermont-Ferrand office.

Specialist in labor law and social security law, Francois Bretonniere has real expertise in various strategic areas: in consulting (restructuring, PSE, solutions for adapting the workforce, collective relations and negotiation, organization of working time, social acquisition audits, RPS, etc.) and in litigation before all the jurisdictions dedicated to social law. It supports companies and groups of all sizes, some of which are leaders on the national market in their sector of activity.

Before joining HDV Avocats, François Bretonnière worked for 36 years at the French business law firm FIDAL in Clermont-Ferrand, where he was a partner from 1989, Director of the Employment Law Department for 25 years, then in parallel Director of Office and co-Regional Director.

I am happy to participate in the development of HDV Avocats, alongside its two founders and their teams, whose commitment and values ​​I share. “Explains François Bretonnière.

florie tourgonLawyer in social law for more than 12 years, Florie Tourgon also practiced in the firms CAPSTAN in Lyon and FIDAL in Clermont-Ferrand, where she developed specific expertise in negotiation and collective relations in the company. ” I have been supporting my clients for several years (VSEs, SMEs, start-ups, associations and groups of all sizes) in the management and social innovation of their company, but also during strategic operations (redesign of development systems working time, sale of companies, reorganizations, social audits…). I am very proud to join HDV Avocats, whose technical excellence and identity markers – social innovation and people – make deep sense to me”, says Florie Tourgon.

“Created two years ago, our firm is growing with the reinforcement of the teams in one of its three locations. We have opted for controlled growth, emphasizing, when recruiting, the values ​​and entrepreneurial spirit of each lawyer who joins us. François Bretonnière and Florie Tourgon, through their careers, honor us with their presence and we are proud to count them among us, because they share our values ​​in all respects. We have made a promise to our customers and our partners, since the first day of HDV, to preserve the Human. It is in this sense that we are continuing to build our company, with the aim of recruiting high-level profiles, who believe in and work towards socially responsible management”, conclude the founders of HDV Avocats, Michel Morand and Valérie Bardin.

About HDV Lawyers

Present in Paris, Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand, HDV Avocats is a firm of experts in labor law dedicated to advice and litigation assistance for companies. Very present with employers’ organisations, which they have been assisting in the conduct of social dialogue and in the drafting of branch agreements for several years, HDV lawyers also have sector-based skills enabling them to offer the most appropriate solutions to companies subject to special regulations, taking into account the human dimension. To know more :




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