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Goodbye dogs, cats, rabbits: in New York, pet stores will no longer sell them

New York State Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul is preparing to sign an order that will ban pet stores from selling dogs, cats and rabbits, says the US Huffington Post. This decision is intended to prevent these shops from getting their supplies from “animal factories”, so-called breeding places where reproduction is encouraged in order to produce in numbers.

This legislation already exists in several American states, such as in California, where it has been in place since 2019. This will prevent mass breeding for capitalist purposes, as animals that grow up in such devices are absolutely not happy and may retain sequelae until the end of their lives.

Authorities are encouraging pet stores to work with animal shelters and rescue leagues, and to use their retail spaces to promote dogs, cats and rabbits for adoption. Breeders, on the other hand, continue to have the right to sell their pets to civilians, provided that it is done directly and that it does not go through a third party.

A large number of pet stores

Some organizations have expressed their disagreement with this decision. This is the case of the American Kennel Club, the largest canine federation in the country, which regularly goes on a crusade against the ban on the sale of dogs by pet stores, described as “anti-breeder decision” who will also “harm to customers”. And above all hurt the wallets of those who consider animals as commodities.

New York State is among those with the highest concentration of pet stores, according to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), which fights against acts of cruelty inflicted on animals. The fact that this state joins California, but also Maryland, Maine, Illinois and Washington State should therefore have significant consequences on the flow of pets.



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