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Gourbit. The Moulin de l’Angoust restaurant at summer time

Installed since March at the entrance to the village, Cédric Bernardin and Suzanne quickly made their mark in the Gourbitois restaurant Le Moulin de l’Angoust. 150% invested, driven by a passion for cooking and the joy of sharing with passing customers, or regulars (yes, there are already some), they are now open every day, non-stop, from 9 hours at “when we close”, except Tuesday evening (closing at 6 p.m.) and Wednesday.

The place now welcomes hikers, many in this season to set off towards Artax and the ponds, high places of the Ariège Pyrenees. Bar, ice cream, snacks… and of course meals, reflecting the state of mind of the managers of the place, generous, with multiple flavors, all washed down, in moderation, with wines from small producers selected by Cédric.

In the room, “fitness” by the duo or on the terrace, in the freshness, at the edge of the stream of the Artats pond, there is something for everyone, between land, terroir, and sea. And here, as it is written above the fireplace, “it’s homemade”, from starter to dessert.

At more than 800 meters above sea level, you will discover a little corner of paradise, for the mind and for the taste buds. On the menu, à la carte, for an evening that drags on, for a break when returning from a hike, Cédric and Suzanne await you with a big smile at the Moulin de l’Angoust.

Contact: 05 61 66 48 42, 06 72 67 56 74;; Facebook “The Angoust Mill”.



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