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Hadrien, the bistronomic restaurant that twists vegetarian products into gourmet dishes

In the category of vegetarian restaurants that are worth it, there was already Bon Bon and its 100% vegetarian menus, La Canne en Ville, Bouchéry or even, more recently opened, Savage. A minimalist, but effective concept: here, vegetables are king to the point that meat and fish are served as extras. If the address has been unanimous since its opening, other lesser-known restaurants are nevertheless worth the detour in our capital. In our food radar, we spotted Hadrien, located in the Montgomery district, a restaurant that looks quite classic, but which, once tested, did not leave us cold. On the contrary, it was a real surprise. Because whether you are vegetarian or not, it is difficult not to adhere to this address. Please note, this is not a vegetarian address, but the vegetables are worked and given pride of place and the dishes give pride of place to vegetables.

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The plates are colorful and give pride of place to vegetables

A modernized traditional kitchen

For Hadrien Teniers, at the head of the restaurant and his sidekick Antoine Speeckaert, the one who officiates in the kitchen, it was above all a question of offering customers a bistronomic address that breaks the codes of traditional cuisine. If the menu changes regularly, you can for example find classic dishes, such as Coucou de Malines or a fillet of sea bass. Each product is worked in such a way as to offer us a colorful plate, full of flavors and above all modernized. The two friends have chosen to tackle traditional classic cuisine, but where they really make the difference is in their vegetarian offer. Here the vegetable is no longer a simple accompaniment, it becomes the star and imposes itself on the plate in the same way as meat or fish. As for the vegetarian proposals, they have nothing to envy to the other dishes and could even convince the biggest carnivores. However, there is no need to specify the dishes on the menu, because the lunch menu changes every week, and the evening menu changes every month depending on arrivals and seasonal products. But one of the essentials that you will find there in any season is the French toast with speculoos, which is unanimous with sweet tooths.

French toast, one of the best sellers on the menu

A service with small onions

The young age of Hadrien and Antoine – they are barely 30 years old and already run their own establishment – ​​does not detract from their experience: the chef cut his teeth with the two-starred chef Yves Mattagne and it shows since every detail has been worked on, giving rise to balanced dishes. As for Hadrien at the helm in the dining room, he takes care of each of his customers so that the taste experience is a success. A doubt about the choice of wine, a question about cooking? Hadrien is always available and acts as the perfect host. Here, we are therefore in the bistronomic, but the prices remain very accessible. Count 29 € for the lunch including a starter and a main course, as for the dishes, the prices vary from 20 € (for the vegetarian dish) to 30 € on average.

Antoine, on the left, the chef who operates in the kitchen, Hadrien, on the right, who manages the service in the room.

The address? Avenue de l’Armee 32, 1040 Brussels. More info here.

When ? Open every day of the week for lunch and dinner.

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