Harvey Weinstein “is neither Brad Pitt nor George Clooney”: the funny defense of his lawyer at trial

Look at my client!“, he launched, pointing to Harvey Weinstein, 71, seated in a wheelchair, and emaciated since he is serving a 23-year prison sentence following his first conviction for rape and sexual assault, in New York , in the spring of 2020.”It’s neither Brad Pitt nor George Clooney. Do you think those gorgeous women would have slept with him because he’s hot? No, it’s because he’s powerful.”

Sure of himself, the lawyer then explained that Hollywood has changed a lot since the time when the accused collected the Oscars. “Sex was a commodity for rich and powerful men like my client“, he pleaded about the “sofa promotion”, also described as “transactional sex”. “Maybe it wasn’t pleasant, and now embarrassing. But everyone was doing it. He did. They did“.


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