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Hautes-Pyrénées: the dog Margot, stuck on a rocky bar, rescued by PGHM

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A hunting dog stuck on a rocky bar was rescued by the gendarmes of the Pierrefitte-Nestalas PGHM. His master Jean-Paul Torné is relieved.

The hunting party in the upper Adour valley could have turned into a tragedy for two dogs. Two dogs were stuck on a rocky bar. The dog Margot, rescued by the PGHM gendarmes, was euthanized. “We had gone hunting and two of our dogs got stuck in a rocky bar, one came back but the other didn’t”, explains Jean-Paul Torné, the master, happy with the outcome of this affair.

Margot, since it is about her, had not appeared. The hunters decided not to take any risks by trying to recover it themselves: “One day I saw the rescuers from PGHM who were training in Baronnies. They told me that you should never put yourself in danger in such situations, but call them . For them it is also an extra training. We called them when we saw that the dog was stuck at Caouciases, to the left of Lake Caderole at 1900 meters above sea level. There was snow”.

An exemplary rescue, which the hunters would like to pay tribute to today: “We would of course like to thank Pierrette-Nestala’s PGHM many times, and we would like to pay tribute to them because they were super efficient. They geolocated Margot. A young gendarme descended with the game and they recovered the dog by helicopter. They were amazing and we really want to highlight that, a big thank you to them!”



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