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He hits his ex-partner’s spouse’s cat and puts it in the freezer

A man is psued for “act of cruelty towards a domestic animal” after having killed the cat of the spouse of his ex-partner. He will be judged this Thursday in immediate appearance.

It was a neighbor who alerted the police after seeing a man in a building in Metz, punching a cat wrapped in a cloth, reports Le Républicain Lorrain.

The individual then allegedly banged the towel on the wall and on the floor of the balcony, before placing the animal in the freezer.

The 38-year-old respondent had come to visit his ex-partner who was with her daughter and her new companion. The cat of the latter, would have represented a danger for his daughter, explained the tenant of the apartment to the police.

“Dangerous” in case of annoyance

The 30-year-old presented himself to the police station and was taken into custody. He explained that he had gone to his ex-girlfriend’s home with a kitten that he wanted to give to their daughter. According to him, the kitten and the cat would have fought.

A psychiatric expert concluded that the man can be “easily impulsive and temperamental in a situation of moral pressure”, even “dangerous” in the event of annoyance. He will be judged this Thursday, June 9, in immediate appearance.

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