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Heat wave: what to eat in case of high heat?

In addition to being uncomfortable to live with, the heat wave often weighs on our stomachs. Difficult to know which meal to turn to when the mercury reaches 40 degrees. Food is however very important in this period when the heat tests our health.

Such temperatures quite naturally keep us away from fried foods and cheese. “From this point of view, it helps us”, smiles Florence Foucault, dietician and nutritionist in Paris, who advises to turn to light meals, rich in water, “thanks to cucumber, tomatoes and even radish, which we do not necessarily think”. Cold soups such as gazpachos are also recommended for hydration, in addition to being light on the stomach.

Fruits like strawberries are also full of water, in their classic form and even in milkshakes. Still in the dessert department, yoghurts are great allies. “For children, you can take sorbets, or freeze small pieces of watermelon. This has a playful side, ”underlines the specialist.

Although hot soups can be off-putting in hot weather, some doctors also recommend hot soups because they compensate for excess salt loss with excess hydration.

Make your flavored water

If really nothing helps and the heat cuts your hunger, there’s no point in forcing yourself. “You really have to listen to yourself. Since the heat wave should not last, even if the energy intake is a little low, we can catch up a little later, reassures Florence Foucault. And the main thing is to drink, even without thirst.

To vary the pleasures and change from the traditional still tap water, why not make your own flavored water. “You can put organic lemon, cucumber and a little rosemary in the water”, illustrates the dietician. Be careful not to turn to certain ready-made drinks that contain a lot of sugar. Also limit tea or coffee, which are diuretics.



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