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Here’s why your cat doesn’t recognize your face

Living with a cat at home is a real responsibility. Pets are faithful companions who accompany us for a good part of our lives. But they require attention, care and understanding. Cat owners can confirm this. These animals have many habits and we have to adapt to it to get along with them.

Sometimes, without knowing it, we make mistakes with ours Petby example sleeping with them. We often want to cuddle our cat, but we should not get used to this practice because our sleep cycle can be altered. Moreovereven if we are not initially allergic to it catsbringing them into our bed can trigger a number of respiratory diseases.

Cats are very special animals

They have a unique and sometimes mysterious behavior. Proof of this is bath time, which becomes a struggle between owner and pet. Felines hate being wetbecause they feel uncomfortable, nervous and helpless.

Unlike dogs, cats don’t need to walk down the street because they hate to leave their comfort zone. Since they are not social animals, they also do not need to interact with unfamiliar cats. Sometimes they run away from us and are very angry, and sometimes they chase us everywhere we go in the house, even in the bathroom.

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Cats recognize us by our smell or the tone of our voice

Although their sense of sight is superior to that of humans (they have a wider field of vision and excellent visibility at night), they distinguish colors less than we do. For this reason, they cannot recognize us just by sight, nor can they identify people’s faces.

the cats, in contrast, have a highly developed sense of hearing and can create a fingerprint of the people with whom they interact the most. If they cannot recognize our face, they can recognize our voice and the tone with which we address them. They can also learn about us from the way we walk and the sound of our footsteps.

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