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his lawyer joins him on stage by surprise

Naïri Zadourian, DA Uzi’s lawyer, joined him on stage by surprise as the rapper performed an unreleased track in his honor.

She has become the new star of French rap. Lawyer Naïri Zadourian surprised DA Uzi this Wednesday during her release party in Paris. The rapper, who unveiled the new songs from his album The path of the brave to be published this Friday, especially dedicated a title to the lawyer who rescued him a few months ago when he was arrested for possession of narcotics and weapons. Evoking a procedural defect, Naïri Zadourian had quickly released the rapper.

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Thus, as a tribute and a thank you, DA Uzi wrote the title “Maître Zadourian” on the occasion of his new opus. He interpreted it during his concert and was pleasantly surprised to see the lawyer go up on stage and hug him in a touching gesture. Proud and happy, the artist presented the master in front of his audience. For her part, the lawyer confided on Twitter: “He didn’t see me in the room and I had tears welling up hearing him say all these cute things about me: I couldn’t resist”. A delicate attention to the approach of the new project of DA Uzi.

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