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Home insurance in 2022: New insurance

If home insurance is in most cases a statutory obligation, there is now a wide range of offers which can often be adapted to your real needs, but also to your finances. Status of the situation in 2022 and some advice for navigating this crowd.

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Home insurance in 2022: New insurance
Home insurance in 2022: New insurance

I subscribe to €1 the 1st month

IYou should know that the owners of a property, unlike tenants, are not required to insure their property. However, this is highly recommended. An accident or disaster can actually significantly damage the property or what is there, causing you to cover the full cost of the damage.

With the advent of new insurance, the supply of home insurance has multiplied, as well as the types of contracts. No more paying for options that aren’t right for you. You can only take the minimum legal cover and add specific options, for example for a swimming pool, a garden shed, a computer or certain valuables. It is now possible to get an insurance contract, but also to cancel it in a few minutes with certain providers. However, it is always important to read the various clauses in the contract thoroughly before you sign it.

New insurance in 2022

The emergence of the web has seen the emergence of a wide range of services that were once available in real life and which were only polarized via the internet with, most often, an interlocutor who was no longer physical, but remote. Banking services were among the first to develop this system, especially via mobile applications. These phenomena have been reinforced by the context of the pandemic.

These new modalities may have certain disadvantages, such as the reinforcement of the digital divide for some or the lack of a face-to-face interlocutor for others. However, their many advantages for businesses as well as for individuals make them services that are increasingly valued by the French. The digitization of processes allows for the reduction of contributions, waiting time in the branch and administrative processing in general, with, for example, the possibility of sending photos and certificates directly thanks to a discussion interface with an adviser.

In addition, some providers have decided to reverse the trend of traditional insurance. This is the case, for example, of Luko, which, for the sake of transparency with its affiliates and to avoid any conflict of interest, has created Giveback. The principle is to donate all unused claims reimbursement benefits to charities of your choice.

Minimize daily risks

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is important to check in your contracts the specific treatment of movable and immovable property, the excess, the waiting periods as well as the guarantees and exclusions specific to your contract.

If your insurance is meant to protect you against certain accidents in life, it is still better to prevent certain situations that may still cost you after all. Franchise fees, for example, can sometimes reach a significant amount. To avoid this expense, here are some tips.

The inspection of your heating appliances (boiler, fireplace, stove, etc.) is subject to legislation and is often mandatory upon penalty of a fine. The constant maintenance of aeration and ventilation systems, water treatment, wooden surfaces or the exterior of your home is, in addition to a probable economy, an effective prevention against life’s accidents. Finally, remember when going on holiday to cut your energy bills and secure your valuables inside and outside.



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