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How do you protect your pet from the cold? Watch out for those “who have a little fat cover”

Our pets also feel the cold. During this period, they, like us, can get sick more easily. So more emphasis should be given to it. For example: do you have to cover your dog when you go for a walk with him? Can cats sleep outside at night? Here are a few tips.

Owners are well aware that their pets suffer from the cold. They adapt, especially for walks. “We go for a walk of at least half an hour, sometimes an hour, it depends. If it’s very cold, we reduce it to half an hour”assures a dog owner. “I’m not taking it out, no trip with this weather”says another dog owner.

With the temperatures of recent days, accessories of all kinds are very popular in pet stores. “We sell a lot of sweaters for small short-haired dogs, also for the bigger ones. We also have conditioner for the pads, to put on the paws when it’s really cold, to avoid frostbite. In case of frost or snow, we have the boots”explains Clara Piérard, manager of a pet shop near Charleroi.

It may be necessary to cover your animal when going outside to avoid hypothermia. “The ones that need to be covered first and foremost are all small structures, or animals with short hair, or that have a bit of an oily cover, such as greyhounds, which are relatively thin and therefore don’t have many layers of insulation.”explains Abire Marlier-Kambia, veterinarian.

And for cats who are used to spending the night outside, no problem despite the cold. “It will depend on whether they are cats that are used to the outdoors or not, and whether they have managed their winter hair well. For example, the cat that lies on the sofa all day and hardly goes out if he goes outside in the evening , it’s still better to try and bring him in that night.”continues the vet.

It is still advisable to provide them with shelter in case of bad weather. “I also recommend putting small blankets or straw in it to keep the heat in”adds Clara Piérard, the manager of a pet store.

With the negative temperatures, some municipalities do not hesitate to remember the rules of the Walloon animal welfare code, especially to provide shelter, food and water as well as a clean and dry surface. .



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